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Starbucks will go to ‘to go’ mode

Starbucks is switching to “to go” only for at least two weeks beginning Sunday, March 15, 2020 across all of North America due to coronavirus concerns.

Customers will still be able to walk into a store and order or pick up mobile orders — but they won’t be allowed to sit down indoors or outdoors.

The change is effective at company owned stores, with franchised locations to move to similar models.

Where available, drive thru or delivery will also continue to be offered.

Customers will also see “modified” condiment bars in all locations and there may be changes to where mobile orders are picked up in some locations.

Select company owned stores in “high social gathering locations” such as malls and university campuses will temporarily close down completely.

It’s worth noting that this move would be required in at least some states or cities due to officials enacting regulations around .