Shopify releases major update to Polaris design system

By The MixDex Team Article may include affiliate links

Shopify has released version 6.0 of Polaris, its design identity system.

The released includes officially displacing the primary “indigo” color that rolled out with the original version of the system in 2017.

The original release called for indigo to be the main color across the Shopify platform, including on the primary action buttons in the admin.

Now, the system relies on 10 distinct color “roles” rather than a palette per se, though a distinct shade of green is now designated as the shade for primary action buttons in the admin.

Noticeable changes to the company’s look appeared throughout 2020.

The green appears to have been selected to be both unique enough for Shopify to “own” as well as complementing its shopping bag logo icon.

The new system also offers a myriad of other updates, including to illustrations, interactions, icons, fonts and even sounds as well as non-visuals such as voice and tone.