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Deputy accuses McDonald’s workers of taking a bite out of his sandwich — but it turns out he did

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A sheriff’s deputy accused McDonald’s workers from taking a bite from his sandwich — but it turns he forgot he took a bit out of it.

The officer, identified only as “DJ,” regularly buys food from the Indianapolis area restaurant.

After buying a McChicken sandwich, the officer discovered a bite taken from it when he went to eat it later in the day.

He returned the restaurant, where a supervisor offered him free food, which he refused.

His office launched an investigation into the incident.

As it turns out, the officer had taken a bit of the sandwich before putting it in a break room refrigerator — but then apparently forgot about it.

He “wrongly concluded that a McDonald’s employee had tampered with his food because he is a law enforcement officer.”

The local McDonald’s cooperated with the investigation, which found no one tampered with the officer’s food.

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