Comcast customers will get price ‘adjustments’

Comcast continued to shed cable subscribers in the later part of 2019 and is now planning price “adjustments” for existing customers.

  • Comcast reported a loss of 149,000 cable subscribers in the fourth quarter of 2019.
  • Despite that, the company announced to investors it will implement price hikes on cable bundles starting early 2020.
  • In late 2019, there were reports that Comcast was contacting existing customers to lock them into cable contracts, presumably as a way to head off further defectors.
  • Meanwhile, broadband customers represented a better than expected 442,000 subscriber gain for Comcast in Q4.
  • Broadband subscriptions are typically required for users to access streaming services, including NBCUniversal’s Peacock service set for a July launch.
  • The company’s rather late entry into the streaming wars will have a free, ad supported version with limited content.
  • A $4.99 a month plan will unlock added content while a $9.99 per month plan will remove ads.
  • Comcast will offer its own Xfinity subscribers the $4.99 plan for free, while they can upgrade and remove ads for an additional $4.99 (it has also signed a deal with Cox cable to bring the service to its subscribers under a similar arrangement).