Teen who ‘paid it backward’ at Starbucks after surgery wins big thanks to Ellen

A suburban Chicago high school student won big as part of Ellen DeGeneres‘ partnership with Starbucks.

  • DeGeneres and her “Ellen Presents: The Starbucks Ellen’s Starbucks Rewards Surprise Contest,” which is a partnership between Starbucks and “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” challenges people to “pay it forward” at Starbucks.
  • 16-year-old Brynn Drews had her wisdom teeth out earlier this month and wanted to stop at Starbucks on the way home.
  • She remembered DeGeneres announcing the contest and decided to “pay it backward” and pay for someone  in line behind her.
  • As the teen continued to recover, her family recorded the effects of the medication from the surgery wearing off.
  • The video went viral and caught the attention of DeGeneres.
  • Now, Drews is the recipient of $10,000 plus 10,000 Starbucks Rewards stars (that’s enough for 200 brewed coffee or tea drinks or above 66 handcrafted beverages).
  • She also her expenses covered to travel to California and appear on “Ellen.”