Wendy Williams finally addresses the hot topic in the room: ‘Fartgate’

After several days of a rather “hot topic” going unaddressed on her talk show Wendy Williams finally addressed social media accusations that she had a bit of flatulence on air.

  • “You know, I do a lot here on this show … I shift my weight or I belch or rub my teeth … (but) I have never done that once on the show,” she said on Thursday, Jan. 23, 2020’s “The Wendy Williams Show.”
  • “In fact, I barely fart,” she went on.
  • “Gas gets released all different ways, and all I do is belch because all I do is talk,” she explained.
  • Williams has made a bit of a name for herself for belching or burping at random times — often when she goes to open her mouth — and it’s something that has become somewhat endearing to many of her fans.
  • To further deny the fart Williams continued: “By the sound of that fart, I would’ve had to go change my costume; I would have left a mark in my seat.”
  • She then had a crew member come out on set to offer an explanation for the sound, which the show verified was on the original airing.
  • According to the crew member, the sound was due to backstage prep for a science segment later in the show and because the wrong kind of hose was accidentally used, a sound was released.
  • For some, that might seem like a rather lengthy (and detailed) denial for something that’s a natural human bodily function.


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