Gray TV starts temperature checks

Effective March 19, 2020, Gray Television has instituted a variety of new rules for people entering its facilities due to coronavirus, reports FTVLive.

The station has instituted a policy of having any employee not working remotely take his or her temperature before coming to work — as well as monitoring for symptoms.

Employees with temperatures of 100.4 degrees or higher, coughing, chills or trouble breathing are being told to stay home and seek medical advice.

In addition, locations in Ohio and Charleston-Huntington or Parkersburg, West Virginia, are implementing temperature checks on all people entering stations, including both visitors and employees.

Gray has also required that non-employees entering the station should have temperatures checked at all locations — including, as the company puts it, “a vending machine stocker.”

The group is also noting that fevers are just one symptom of COVID-19 and running a temperature doesn’t necessarily mean a person has been infected by .