NBC News launches National Polling Average, other data driven intiatitves

First the first time in its history, NBC News has created a national poll average to help track the .

Dubbed, quite appropriately, The National Polling Average, the numbers are calculated by on unweighted averages “of the 10 most recent publicly released public opinion polls that News deems reliable,” according to the network.

NBC further clarifies that a poll is considered reliable when, among other qualifications, “An organization’s polls are deemed reliable based on methodology, past performance and transparency.”

It specifically excludes interactive voice response phone polls and opt-in online polls.

The network has also partnered with TargetSmart to track available data from early voting around the country in an interactive “The Early Vote” feature on its website.

Another tool, “Swing the Election,” is a collaboration with The Cook Political Report that lets users see how changes in turnout and support among different demographic groups will swing the Electoral College.

NBC is also complementing its own National Polling Averages with key swing state breakdowns alongside national numbers to provide context and comparisons.

All of this data is presented via a variety of maps, charts, graphics and infographics.