Reminder: ‘Sharpie’ is a trademark

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Sharpie permanent markers are once again back in the news — thanks to a doctored, days-old weather map Donald Trump help up earlier this week.

  • However, it’s worth remembering that “Sharpie” is a trademark for a line of permanent markers and pens.
  • It’s not immediately clear who, exactly, drew the black arc on the map — or if he or she actually used a Sharpie brand marker.
  • The map appeared to have been modified before the event began — presumably in hopes that no one would notice that it was added after the fact.
  • Trump has, however, professed his love of Sharpie brand markers and even reportedly had custom ones with his signature stamped on it in gold made by the Sharpie company.
  • He reportedly uses it to sign bills — instead of the standard government issued pens — and even requested Sharpie make it look “richer.”
  • Sharpie was also a brand preferred by George W. Bush — who reportedly had custom ones made for Camp David.
  • Trump’s love of Sharpies appears to be the source of multiple news reports referring to the brand as what was used to make the modification — despite any direct confirmation that was what was used (much less who did it).
  • The term #SharpieGate is also trending on social media.
  • Sharpie, meanwhile, has been silent on social media — its last tweet was Aug. 23, 2019 in response to a customer complaint.