Sting creates rendition of ‘Jeopardy!’ think music after appearing in a category about himself

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After appearing on “Jeopardy!” Thursday, March 18, 2020, reading clues about himself, Sting offered up his own rendition of the iconic “think music” the show uses during its final round and inspiration for its theme song.

The singer did something a bit unique — added lyrics to the song that traditionally is only instrumental. The words centered around the significance of being on the show, for an entire category no less.

“Jeopardy!” creator, musician and talk show host Merv Griffin originally composed the song as a lullaby under the title “A Time for Tony,” a reference to his son. When it was repurposed for the quiz show, it was renamed “Think!”

Griffin collected royalties on the song every time it played during “Final” as well as when its melody was found in other cuts, including the open and going to and from breaks. He once estimated it made him over $70 million.

Both the version used during “Final” and the theme have been updated multiple times over the years, with notable variations created for “Rock & Roll Jeopardy!” on Game Show Network and later repurposed for select tournaments where a more “youthful” sound was needed as well as the show’s “Greatest of All Time” tournament.

“Think!” has also been used frequently in TV shows and sporting events — often humorously — when decisions have to be made.