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Lands’ End is surveying customers about its logo design (and if they’d buy polos with it)

Clothing retailer Lands’ End is sending email surveys about its logo design and asking customers if they would purchase items with the Lands’ End logo on it, according to a survey link obtained by MixDex.

  • The survey includes an offer to win $100 gift cards from the company.
  • Survey takers are shown the logos of L.L. Bean, Lululemon Athletica, Columbia, Levi’s, Brooks Brothers, Vineyard Vines, Ralph Lauren, North Face, Tommy Hilfiger and Nike and ask to “free associate” words with each one.
  • They are then asked questions about each logo’s overall appeal and how well it represents the brand.
  • Next, Lands’ End shows various iterations of its own logo and asks which one customers prefer, including its “contrast lighthouse” and “bars lighthouse” icons.
  • It then delves deeper asking if customers would buy polo shirts with any of the logos on them, and if so, which one.
  • Lands’ End has updated its logo design numerous times over the years, gradually moving away from the serif typeface to a extra bold sans serif with tight letter spacing.
  • Other designs included various serif fonts as well as a lighter geometric font.