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Yahoo! gets a new logo

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Yahoo! has rolled out a new logo design (Yahoo!, in case you don’t know, is a website that used to dominate the web).

  • The web company, which is now part of Verizon Media, switched to a bolder, cleaner look.
  • The old logo was introduced in September 2013, and used a beveled effect over a thin font with a slightly enlarged “Y” and second “O” and an angled exclamation point.
  • The new look, meanwhile, keeps all of the letter in the same size but does keep its angled exclamation point that sort of looks like it’s formed from an oversized apostrophe atop a period.
  • That element matches the angle of the lowercase “y” used at the beginning of the design.

  • Prior to its previous logo, the company used variations of its original look, which was a fun, hand drawn look with staggered lettering.