‘Dr. Oz’ bills itself ‘your trusted coronavirus headquarters’

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Dr. Oz” has declared itself “your trusted coronavirus headquarters.”

The syndicated talk show, helmed by Dr. Mehmet Oz, typically has a health and medical focus, so it’s natural that it would tackle the coronavirus story.

Earlier in the week of March 9, 2020, the show used a news graphics inspired “Coronavirus Health Update” branding. On Thursday, March 12, the branding was changed to read “Coronavirus Headquarters.”

Somewhat ironically, the same episode appeared to feature a studio audience. Many shows with studio audiences have stopped allowing the public into the studio in order to facilitate “social distancing” and prevent having people in a confined space.

The show’s bug also got a red “breaking news” box.

While Oz offers a variety of health, medical and diet advice on his show and through co-branded products, his advice has drawn fire from medical experts, consumer advocates and government officials.

Publications and journals have also pointed out the apparent lack of validity to many of Oz’s claims.