Yesterday marked one year since last daily White House press briefing

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March 11, 2020, marked the one year anniversary of the last White House daily press briefing.

In the 365 days since that one, Sarah Sanders, who led it, has since moved on, replaced by Stephanie Grisham.

Grisham, meanwhile, has continued the practice of eliminating the daily briefing that started under Sanders’ tenure, though she does make one-off appearances on various TV programs.

Sanders, meanwhile, has since joined Fox’s cable channel as a contributor.

Over the past year, the briefing room has literally started to gather dust — though it was cleaned up a bit after photos of the dusty lectern circulated on social media.

The briefing room has been used in the past year — including by Donald Trump himself — but not for the once nearly daily briefings that the White House conducted prior to Trump’s term.

Trump also continues to participate in informal press “gaggles” outside the White House, though even these have decreased in frequency.

The practice of not having a daily briefing has been widely criticized by many journalists, politicians and the public for its lack of transparency.

Prior to the stoppage, briefings during Trump’s term often turned tense and heated.